BLR2036 Declaration Serves as a Guiding Principle 

This month marks the 5th anniversary of the signing of the BLR2036 Declaration. This declaration was initiated at a community meeting of over 270 residents on January 2016 and adopted on May 16, 2016. Since that time, the BLR2036 Declaration has served as a guiding principle for the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation and the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation.

Buckeye Lake 2036 represents the Community Vision for the Buckeye Lake Region and it is the strategic plan and vision for the future of the Region. The Declaration solidified this vision, with input from those that matter most: the members of our community that live and work in the Buckeye Lake Region.

Since incorporating on September 17, 2016, the BLRC has achieved many milestones to advance the Community Vision. A few of those milestones include:

  • Providing a structure for political representation of the entire Region
  • Community Meetings formalized
  • Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation established
  • Comprehensive Retail Study of the Region
  • Designs and concepts of the Region by internationally recognized architecture and planning company, DPZ CoDesign
  • Community Pier initial funding secured
  • Feeder Channel remediation funds approved
  • Perry County public lake access re-appropriate funds secured
  • Ongoing relationship-building with the elected officials and agencies that can positively impact the Region
  • Consistent lobbying for new dredges and dredge materials sits for Buckeye Lake
  • Initiation of Drainage Improvement Project to address flooding and water flow issues.
  • “Crystal Lagoon” feasibility study
  • Region-wide hospitality study

These milestones have been achieved in pursuit of the Community Vision and would not be possible without the generous support of the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation and its donors.