BLRC and It’s Executive Director Oppose Plans to Relocated the Buckeye Lake Library Branch

Recently, the Licking County Library Board (LCLB) presented plans to relocate the Buckeye Lake Library branch out of the Village of Buckeye Lake. This move would hinder access to the library and remove a vital asset from the Village. BLRC Executive Director’s letter to the LCLB can be found below.



Dear Licking County Library Board,

Recently you decided to close the Buckeye Lake branch of the Licking County Public Library. As Executive Director of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation, representing and on behalf of the communities of the tri-county Buckeye Lake Region, I respectfully ask you to reconsider this closure.

The Village of Buckeye Lake is home to over 260 public school students, 50% of which are below the poverty line. Closing the Buckeye Lake library eliminates a place to go, study, research, or otherwise grow their knowledge. For some, the library is their sole link to the internet, and to computers on which so many lesson plans are based. We all know libraries have many more functions than simply a place to check out books. Without a car, Buckeye Lake Library users are isolated from a library in Hebron; there is not a safe or convenient way to get there. Locating a library in a busy and growing commercial/retail area, removed from the residential core, adds to the challenges and unsafe conditions for all foot and bicycle traffic. The location, positioned between a bar and a vape shop, seems counter-intuitive. Hebron, Buckeye Lake, and Lakewood Schools share concerns about the proposed location. All are also concerned that there was no prior communication on this important decision.

This closure and proposed location impacts students, their families, and the community at large.

The Buckeye Lake Region is experiencing unprecedented growth and opportunities. A core value of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation is helping communities and the organizations that make up those communities manage this growth in a sustainable manner that embraces input from the community stakeholders. We do this by providing access to financial and professional resources and community outreach. If this decision to close the Buckeye Lake Library is reconsidered the BLRC will work with the Library Board to bring to the table those resources.

On behalf of the diverse Board of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation I ask that you reconsider the closure of the Buckeye Lake branch library and engage the community in these decisions.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Mike Fornataro

Executive Director, Buckeye Lake Region Corporation