Kent Mallet | Newark Advocate

BUCKEYE LAKE – The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation announced the three-county region will receive $1.3 million in state funds in the 2019-20 budget. In Licking County, $400,000 has been approved in the state budget bill, toward building a public pier, with amenities and transient docking to attract tourists.

BLRC Executive Director Mike Fornataro said the Licking County grant will fund a feasibility and engineering study of building the pier in the north shore boat ramp area. The pier is expected to be 300 feet long and 40 feet wide, expanding to 60 feet wide at the end, Fornataro said.

The total cost of the pier would likely be much more than $400,000, Fornataro said, but the study would provide those answers. Additional state funds and possibly a local fund-raising effort would be needed to pay for the project, Fornataro said.

In Fairfield County $400,000 has been granted to the Feeder Channel restoration project, expected to have a positive, long-lasting impact on Buckeye Lake water quality.

In Perry County, $500,000 has been re-appropriated for the Thornport Buckeye Lake Public Access and Park project. The project, spearheaded by the Thorn Township trustees, will create a Northern Gateway and first-ever public access to the lake in Perry County.

The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation submitted the proposals last fall to the State of Ohio for capital funding in the budget bill.


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