Chances are, you’ve seen a Waste Away Systems truck on the road, in your neighborhood or perhaps providing services to your home or business. The company, headquartered in Heath, Oh, provides residential, commercial and industrial waste and recycling services as well as roll-off and large scale disposal, operates a full-service transfer station, and provides all types of portable sanitation solutions. Seth Ellington, President and CEO of Waste Away Systems and WAS Portables, has grown the company from what started as a one truck operation to a multi-million dollar organization and one of the top 25 fast-growing independent businesses in Ohio.

“When I started Waste Away Systems in April of 2012, we had one truck and forty one residential clients,” Ellington commented. “The company grew rather quickly as we were filling a gap for Newark area residents that wanted to work with a locally-based trash hauling company.” That gap was created when other companies in the area were purchased by larger, corporate entities.

Today, Waste Away Systems services ten direct counties and twenty three indirect counties throughout Ohio. In addition to growing its number of customers served, the company has also diversified its offerings. The three divisions include: Waste Away Systems commercial, residential and manufacturing/industrial waste hauling; Affordable Portables portable restroom rentals, liquid waste removal, septic tank pumping and industrial water accounts; and Waste Away Station, a full-service solid waste and demolition debris transfer station.

“The diversification of our business has been extremely valuable to helping us grow long term, and has helped us weather the COVID storm,” said Ellington. “The pandemic hit our liquid waste division hard, but we were able to balance things out thanks to our other divisions. And, thankfully, we’ve been able to keep all of our employees on board throughout these difficult times.”

Ellington’s success, and the success of his business, may not come as a surprise to those that know him well. After graduating from Ohio University a conversation with his uncle changed his planned professional course. Rather than moving to Arizona for a job in the hospitality industry, Ellington stayed in Licking County and took a position with a waste management company where he trained under the direct supervision of the company’s managers.

“That first job was really trial by fire and I learned a lot – very quickly – by necessity,” Ellington remembered. That experience lead to Ellington’s next move as an entrepreneur, when he left to start his own Waste Away Systems in 2012.

“I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me, I started my first business when I was seven. Likewise, I’ve wanted to be a ‘garbage man’ since I was six; my uncle and grandfather were also in the waste hauling business so you could say it was kind of in my blood.” Ellington admits he’s always loved the challenge and the chase of owning his own business and now that’s coupled with this ability to support his employees and their families. He also notes that the business would not be where it is without the dedication of his team and the loyalty and continued support of customers that value working with locally-owned businesses.

Similarly, Ellington’s love of the Buckeye Lake Region also runs deep. His parents first owned a house in the Bounds Addition and later the Avondale addition. He fell in love with being by the water and spending time at Buckeye Lake and, as he got older, learned to appreciate the ability to interact with all types of people who all value having a place to rest, relax and reconnect.

“Buckeye Lake has become a place to escape the rat race of professional life and feel like you’re on an even playing field with everyone else,” he commented. Ellington now calls Buckeye Lake his full-time home, after purchasing his parent’s home ten years ago. His love of the region is also a driving force behind his involvement with the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation and the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation.

“My heart is in this region and my involvement with the Foundation is one way of helping to make sure that others can enjoy this wonderful resource that’s in our backyard. Many people have been involved, behind the scenes, in revitalizing Buckeye Lake – including those involved with the BLRC and the Foundation.”

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