Director Responds to Concerns

Buckeye Lake Region Corporation (BLRC) received a response from ODNR to the letter our Chairman Ben Carpenter sent on December 5th following the BLRC meeting with Dam Adjacent Residents.

Director James Zehringer responded to our letter on December 19th. In his letter Director Zehringer:

Indicated ODNR’s support for the revitalization of the Buckeye Lake Region using the dam as a foundation;

Welcomed the opportunity to discuss the dam project to better understand our community objectives;

Indicated willingness to explore ways ODNR can partner with BLRC to achieve the community goals.

BLRC has since set a meeting with the Director on January 22st for BLRC Chairman Ben Carpenter and members of our Executive Committee to coordinate our future cooperation in addressing issues around the Buckeye Lake Region that will impact the community economic development and quality of life goals, including issues related to the dam.