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A Voice for the Masses – Lancaster Eagle Gazette

Recently, the Lancaster Eagle Gazette Published a three-part series on the Buckeye Lake Region. The third article explores regional leaders and municipalities are collaborating on the future of the Region and directing change.

See the full article from the Lancaster Eagle Gazette below.


Lancaster Eagle-Gazette | Monday November 8, 2021

Region municipalities unite to lead area into the future


Barrett Lawlis Lancaster Eagle-Gazette | USA TODAY NETWORK

BUCKEYE LAKE — Change is coming. It’s not something that can be stopped completely, but it can be directed.

That’s the message of elected officials in the Buckeye Lake area.

After the Buckeye Lake Dam Project, which began in 2015 and was completed by November 2018, and the coronavirus pandemic seemingly wrangled, the lake is back open for business.

Starting in the early 1900s, Buckeye Lake was a destination for Central Ohio families, utilizing transit systems to take small vacations to the “playground of Ohio.” Since the dam project, the governing bodies and the region’s residents have been working toward sustainable growth.

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