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Use Your Voice to Impact Positive Water Quality Changes

Water Quality is one of the most important challenges facing the Buckeye Lake Region. And here's the good news: You CAN make a difference! Over the next few days, we'll be posting several ways that your voice can influence positive changes for the improvement of the Buckeye Lake Region. Details on the first Action Item are below - thank you for your support:


Contact State legislators regarding the $1.2 million needed by Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to purchase a dredge for Buckeye Lake. We have an opportunity to get this done right now.


Reach out to State Representatives: Scott Ryan - State Representative (614) 466-1482, Larry Householder (614) 466-2500,        Tim Schaffer (614) 466-8100 and the House Speaker Ryan Smith (614) 466-1366. You can also go to http://ohiohouse.gov and select these representatives to reach them via email.



Please support the effort to get 1.2 million dollars allocated to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for the purpose of purchasing a dredger for Buckeye Lake. This is a critical need to help mitigate the damage done to the water quality during the 4 years of dam construction. Buckeye Lake was subject to lowered lake levels during construction leading to an increase in toxins in the lake. We need to improve the water quality in this, the oldest State Park, so it can be enjoyed by all. Dredging the Lake is the number one, most important thing we can do to improve water quality. We need to remove the 150 years of sediment in the lake that continue to recharge the water table with nutrients leading to Algae blooms which threaten the health of all who use the Lake.

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