Update from the BLRC – December, 2021

Winter, like the growth and change that the Buckeye Lake Region is experiencing, requires planning and preparation. Most people that I know prefer the warm seasons, but to ignore or deny the signs that winter is on its way and failing to prepare for it because you don’t want to accept that it is inevitable is as ill-advised as ignoring the inevitable growth coming to the Region. To deny that and not prepare for it plays into the hands of those that may manipulate the Region solely for their own enrichment and puts the Region in peril.

There can be a bright side to growth and development as well, but only with planning and preparation. BLRC continues every day to prepare for impending growth and development.

At the BLRC our goal is, and always has been, to assist communities in guiding that growth towards sustainable, positive impact on the region, based on the input of the Community.

Click below to read the Lake Affect Winter 2021 Update where you will find a summary of our recent projects and initiatives.

Lake-Affect_Winter-Update 21