While there may not be boating at the Lake right now, there will be ice fishing, skating, cross-country skiing on the dam. Motorcycle racing on the ice near Lieb’s Island and, of course, Winterfest. There is a bright side to every season.

At the BLRC our goal is, and always has been, to assist communities in guiding growth towards sustainable, positive impact on the Region, based on the input of the Community. To that end, the BLRC is working several community initiatives.

Our latest Lake Effect newsletter highlights many of these including the East Shore public park and promenade, regional and community branding and logos and the Millersport canal restoration.

Read below for the details:


Featured in the last issue of “Lake Effect”, it bears repeating and updating.  BLRC is pursuing a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to procure a perpetual easement on nearly 2500’ of shoreline to create a public park. Up to 50’ wide, and wider at the event lawn, with easements from the private property owners and ODNR. Entirely within Perry County, the Promenade runs north from the paddleboat launch on Honey Creek Rd. The Promenade could host community events, while serving as a vital bike path link, offering a safer alternative to biking on Rt 13. It will also provide a lakeshore experience to the over 85% of Ohioans that do not have access to a watercraft and be a Welcoming Gateway to Appalachian Ohio. An application for initial funding has been submitted through a state program that makes grant dollars available for transformative Appalachian Ohio projects.


In January 2023 the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation is embarking on a project to create branding and a logo for the Buckeye Lake Region. The actual design and branding work will be performed by contracted companies, guided by a steering committee representing the neighborhoods of the… …Buckeye Lake Region. Local stakeholders on the steering committee will interact with one another and with highly regarded design and branding professionals with the goal of coming up with a positioning statement and logo that represents the region. The resulting brand and logo are envisioned to be used in many ways: signage, flags, burgees for boats, decals and…who knows what else?

Please note that this is not a BLRC logo, but rather a logo for the Region itself, guided by a steering committee representing the Community. Only through diverse community input does the project have validity.

This effort is not to replace the logo of any community. However, if a community, incorporated or unincorporated, would like to create a logo and branding to represent their community, the BLRC will assist in the process.


The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation successfully applied for funds to initiate restoration of the Millersport canal, increasing stability and sustainability, preserving this historic link to the creation of Buckeye Lake and enhancing it as a community amenity for generations to come. Engineering and design work will set the stage for restoration.  A big “Thank you” to the leadership of Millersport for their foresight and engagement.


 Envisioned as an economic incubator with amenities including a vastly improved public beach and public docking, the park will offer residents and visitors new opportunities to enjoy the lake. The concept increases green space, adds a boat ramp and increases parking, all within the footprint of the current park. There are over 70 pages of award-winning illustrations and information at www.blrc2036.org. Currently, broad Ohio outreach, detailed engineering and funding efforts are ongoing and accelerating.


This addresses flooding on Rt 70 and the South Fork Licking River to the Heath city limits. This project was initiated by the BLRC in the winter of ’21 and since then Licking and Fairfield Counties have invested in this initiative, with the Licking County Commissioners now the “lead applicant” and bearing the majority of the costs. A major infrastructure challenge for over 60 years, there should be notice of potential funding by mid-’23. Increased Federal infrastructure expenditures, the announcement of the Intel facility and general growth in Central Ohio have increased the likelihood of a successful application.


One of the most engaging parts of the DPZ regional designs is the “Crystal Lake” concept, a public recreational, multi-acre pool of crystal-clear water. BLRC recently submitted the paperwork to activate Capital Funds which will be paired with BLRC contributions to begin siting, design, and basic engineering feasibility.