Brittany Misner, Guest Columnist, Newark Advocate

A great question that is on the minds of many…Is Buckeye Lake ready for resurgence? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

The energy and excitement surrounding the Buckeye Lake region seems to be contagious and something that we all want to see continue. This past November the Buckeye Lake Dam project was officially completed moving the entire region into the next stages of growth, business attraction, and quality of life. Even though the project has been going on for a few years, that hasn’t stopped people from enjoying the lake. A great example of this is attempting to get a seat at Papa Boos on a Sunday afternoon, Good Luck…it’s packed with people having a great time. This is a clear sign that people love spending time on the lake and eager for more opportunities to do so.

Buckeye Lake has much to offer our residents and visitors including attractions such as the newly completed 4-mile bike/walking trail with a great view of the lake, Buckeye Lake Winery, Whit’s Frozen Custard, and Buckeye Lake Brewery to name a few. We have welcomed new establishments such as Chef Shack, Shear Fringe, Harbor Community Center, North Shore Coffee Co. and this is only the beginning. Licking County embraces and supports the entrepreneurial spirit which will continue to attract new business to the area. The real estate market is seeing much success as well.

Jamie Roelle, Real Estate Agent with HER Realtors states, “Living on the lake is an amazing lifestyle. We love our community and everything the lake has to offer. As a result, we have a lot of buyers here who’ve been sitting on the sidelines for 3 years now and they’re tired of waiting. Though as the lake rebounds, it has stimulated the housing market which sellers may try to capitalize on. The water levels are rising and property values along the Buckeye Lake shoreline seem to be doing the same thing.”

But additional work is still on the horizon; we still have much to do as a community to enhance our ability to attract businesses, residents, and visitors to the Buckeye Lake region. But the momentum is growing. In order to take the region to the next level, additional lodging surrounding the lake, as well as access to the water with boat, jet ski, and bike rentals are imperative. This is the next piece in the puzzle and a viable option for a new business venture.

The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation is a great contributor and working diligently on multiple initiatives that will provide welcomed business opportunities and enhanced quality of life for residents. Those plans include: a community pier, improved water quality, and financial support to the Queen of the Lake restoration, just to name a few. The leadership behind these efforts are working hard to ensure Buckeye Lake thrives and that many appreciate the beauty and value in Buckeye Lake.

Another great initiative happening for the third year in a row is the Tour de Buckeye Lake. This tour around the Lake attracts visitors to the region with the mission to celebrate and promote the development of paths surrounding the lake and provide bikes to students in local school districts.

In conclusion there are many initiatives taking place that make it clear that this is the time for Buckeye Lake. As a community it is important that we embrace this growth and contribute where we can. And I am looking forward to seeing this great resurgence for the Buckeye Lake area!

Brittany Misner is vice president of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce