Bubbling aerators in Buckeye Lake have improved its water quality, according to data collected by Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow.

In a press release, Buckeye Lake Region Corporation said Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow announced lab results from an independent environmental lab showed a “significant decrease in bacteria and toxins the produce algae” in Buckeye Lake water samples.

The organization said the results stem from several bubbling aerator units that were installed in the lake to add oxygen into selected Buckeye Lake tributaries, canals and inlets.

“The goal of the BLT aeration projects was to reduce the contaminants that cause algae blooms to form,” said Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow director Matt Baumann. “The test results provide empirical evidence that the aeration systems work to help improve water quality.”

Headed in the Millersport canal, the total cyanobacteria and saxitoxins were “practically eliminated” after the system was installed in March 2021.

Water samples collected in 2021 showed the cyanobacteria levels at the Millersport canal decreased by 98% and the saxitoxins became too low to detect, the press release stated. It added water samples from the Copper Penny canal showed an 80% decrease in saxitoxins and a 41% decrease in cyanobacteria during the first four months after the system was installed last year.

“In addition to the scientific analysis, the water surrounding the aerator systems is visibly clearer and cleaner for swimming, boating and fishing,” Baumann said.

BLRC said Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow is working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, homeowner associations, local business owners and BLRC to install more aerator systems in the lake this year.

For more information about Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow and their projects, visit BuckeyeLakeForTomorrow.org.