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Linked below are critical retail, economic, planning and water quality studies prepared by world renowned architectural, planning and engineering firms for the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation. These studies and planning documents represent our commitment to executing on the Buckeye Lake 2036 Community Vision.

Public funding and grants for these studies was secured through the diligent work of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation task forces and the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation. Inquiries regarding utilization of these documents or for additional information, can be directed to our Executive Director, Mike Fornataro.


View and Download:


> new - hospitality Master Plan


> north bank road - development feasibility study


> the canal district - realm collaborative


> Thorn Twp BLRC Advisory Task Force

Buckeye Lake Region Opportunity Zone Seminar - November 2019


Seminar Powerpoint

Download to view seminar PowerPoint file.


powerpoint – November 2019