ODNR Provides Updates on Communication, Construction and Private Docks

On Monday, June 18th a delegation representing the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation (BLRC) met with several representatives from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), including: Fred Shimp, Gary Obermiller, Mark Anthony, Hung Thai, Kevin Holtsberry, Steve Berezansky, Jason Wesley, Cynthia K. Frazzini and Paul Baldridge.

The meeting, which took place at ODNR headquarters in Columbus, focused on several issues that are of importance to the Buckeye Lake Region. Agenda topics included: water quality, tourist amenities, dam-top amenities and access, private docks along the dam and property rights / building standards.

A primary goal of the meeting was to establish future ODNR working contacts on specific topics. This was quickly accomplished, with a single point of contact within ODNR identified. It was also recognized that ODNR and the BLRC will be neighbors for the foreseeable future and a good working relationship is needed to accomplish positive results for the benefit of the Region.

Construction Standards & Private Dock Updates

On the topic of construction standards along the dam, ODNR stated that building requirements along the dam will be released sometime this summer. Construction and design standards for private docks along the dam will be also be released this summer. ODNR clearly re-stated their position that each property owner along the dam will have the opportunity to build their own dock. Each address will be assigned a numbered 5’x 5’ concrete pad that will serve as the landward gangplank support. Ideally, these pads will be in front of the corresponding property owner address, but there will be areas where “non-conforming” dock situations may cause a shift in location. ODNR is currently reviewing these non-conforming situations.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with ODNR staff expressing a desire to make Buckeye Lake “The Showplace of Ohio State Parks”. What that entails remains to be seen, but the meeting, and ODNR’s acknowledgment of the BLRC as the organization that represents the Buckeye Lake Region bodes well for future partnerships.