Buckeye Lake Water Quality Donations Top $70K

 Donations support critical water quality initiatives, including installation and operation of multiple aerator systems

June 13, 2022 – The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation (BLRC) has committed to raising funds to support water quality projects being led by Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow (BLT). These fundraising efforts support the volunteer-based water quality experts at BLT implement initiatives to make the waters of Buckeye Lake healthier for everything; except blue-green algae.

As part of these efforts, the BLRC – through the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation – matched the first $40,000 in funds raised by organizations and community members.

“The residents and businesses of the Buckeye Lake Region overwhelming responded to the call for donations to support Buckeye Lake water quality initiatives,” said Mike Fornataro, Executive Director, BLRC.

To date, multiple aerator systems have been installed due to the generosity of those who have donated to the cause. These aerators add oxygen to the water, which toxic algae hates. The aerators also accelerate the decay of muck on the bottom – which is a very good thing.

Fornataro added that the results of these projects “affect everyone that cares about a healthier Buckeye Lake”.


Below are the generous local businesses, organizations and individuals that are making a difference to improve Buckeye Lake water quality:

  • Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce: $8500
  • Don Pinnell: $5000
  • Ken Morris: $5000
  • Casey Clark: $5000
  • Harbor Hills HOA: $5000
  • Harbor Hills Golf Course: $5000
  • Chris Mooney: $2620
  • Feeder Creek Veterinary: $1000
  • Marnita Swickard: $1000
  • Lake Docks Unlimited: $250
  • Dan Ginn: $200
  • Rick Simpson: $200
  • Doug Turlo: $100
  • Mike Fornataro: $100
  • Peggy Wells: $100
  • Ellen Grinsfelder: $50

In total, $78,240 has been raised to-date for these critical water quality initiatives. [$39,120 from the residents, businesses and Civic Associations and $39, 120 in matching funds from the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation]

It is also important to recognize those who provide the electricity to keep the aerators running: Hefty Hoist, Flip Flops, Buckeye Lake Winery, Papa Boos, ODNR and Harbor Hills homeowners. Without the power the aerators couldn’t do their job.


If Buckeye Lake Water Quality is important to you, please consider making a donation today. One hundred percent of the money donated goes to making Buckeye Lake cleaner and healthier. Make your check payable to “Buckeye Lake for Tomorrow” and mail to: Buckeye Lake Region Corporation, PO Box 2030, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008 or online:

Checkout Details | The Columbus Foundation

*Be sure to make a notation when donating “Buckeye Lake Water Quality”

About the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

The Buckeye Lake Region Corporation (BLRC) was officially formed in September 2017. The BLRC is a tri-county alliance between Licking, Perry and Fairfield counties and is open to all political and civic entities in the tri-county region. The mission of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation is to coordinate, manage and execute initiatives that support the Buckeye Lake 2036 Vision and the Buckeye Lake Region Declaration. Financial support for these initiatives is provided by the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation. https://www.blrc2036.org/index.html